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  • PointPLM's development team has a long history of building high performance Process Extensions (PX) to extend the capabilities of Agile PLM. We understand your business needs and can build customizations for data validation, automated data entry, and data extracts. Automations in Agile can be essential tools to ensure the quality of data, maximum efficiency, and to help recognize the full potential of your Agile investment.
  • PX's may be triggered a number of different ways. Our engineers can help you understand the benefits and limitations of the various implementations. We often work with customers to design customizations that are easy to use, intuitive, and well documented.

PointPLM's developers have created extremely sophisticated web applications that interact with Agile PLM. Sometimes there are features or interfaces that simply are not feasible within the core product. Just a sampling of applications include custom PG&C and PCM reporting platforms, applications to facilitate Push Discovery, and interfaces to facilitate Agile data entry based on real-time ERP system queries.

  • PointPLM has a long history developing custom interface solutions to address unique needs.
  • Throughout years of industry experience, our consultants have worked with numerous 3rd party Agile PLM adapters. We have worked with all of the major ERP adapters and have delivered solutions to best integrate Agile with mission critical applications.
  • Our team has also worked with external solution providers for CAD integration, governance and compliance substance data, etc.
  • Outbound
      Many customers require integrations from Agile that require custom data delivery techniques and formats. Our development team has built numerous modules for delivering data upon release, along with external tools that pull data from Agile.
    • One of the most frequently requested interfaces to Agile is for populating Agile fields with data from other enterprise systems, particularly ERP. Data such as quantity on hand, last/standard cost, and lead time can be extremely helpful throughout the lifecycle of a product, from new product development through obsolescence. Our developers have extensive experience designing solutions for customers to deliver data to Agile to augment the Agile record.
    • We can interface to any enterprise system, either by direct database connection or via flat file import.

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