Engineering solutions and integrations focused on enterprise value, automation and efficiency.

One-off, point-to-point integrations for sending small volumes of data or an enterprise-wide integration platform, PointPLM has solutions for you.

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  • Businesses are inundated with data and the last thing they want to do it duplicate it. Duplicate entry is highly inefficient and error-prone, and duplicated data becomes stale almost as soon as it's created.
  • PointPLM has a solution leveraging the industry's leading integration platform with pre-built interfaces to almost any application or data source.
  • As the backbone of PointPLM's Integration platform, Magic xpi provides a proven framework for highly efficient, scalable, robust application integrations.
  • Magic xpi

In some cases, an enterprise integration solution is not appropriate and instead custom-built solutions are best. PointPLM's Development Team has a long history of crafting solutions for customers to elegantly integrate applications. Whether it's PLM, ERP, LMS, CAD or any other type of software platform, PointPLM can help you integrate your tools to best leverage your investments while streamlining your processes.

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