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  • PointPLM engineers are well versed in a wide variety of IT topologies and can help any IT organization plan for a new PLM implementation, assess an existing system, and plan for future growth.
  • PointPLM engineers have firsthand experience architecting and building some of the most complex Agile PLM systems in the market today, including extensive experience on Windows, Linux, Solaris, and AIX platforms; clustered/load balanced environments; global 24x7 instances; disaster recovery planning; and integration with Corporate IT and regulatory standards.
  • PointPLM's installation services ensure that your Agile system is installed quickly and accurately. We can assist with the preparation, including hardware sizing, IT planning, and rollout strategies.
  • Our team is well versed in all infrastructures, platforms, and technologies, including virtualization, cloud servers, application clustering, SAN, and HA, to name a few.
  • Our rapid installation methodology allows you to be up and running with Agile in minimal time.
  • We also understand corporate security policies and can offer guidance for your Agile team to ensure compliance without limiting performance, scalability, or accessibility.
  • Our engineers have developed and executed numerus Installation Qualifications (IQs) for FDA Validated environments.
  • We have installed every major and minor version of Agile PLM including versions through 8.5, Agile Advantage, and Agile 9.x up to and including Agile 9.3.X.
  • Our team has a long history of cooperation with Oracle/Agile, supporting pre-release testing and early adopters.
  • PointPLM engineers have upgraded nearly every Agile PLM version since 6.0. We have experience with 6, 7, 8.x, Agile Advantage, and the entire Agile 9.x platform.
  • As part of our upgrade activities, we will help develop a detailed cutover plan to choreograph upgrade activities to ensure adherence to the process, provide a detailed timeline, and facilitate visibility to core team members and sponsors throughout the process. This helps us minimize your downtime while providing checkpoints and rollback opportunities.
  • We can help you choose the upgrade strategy best suited for your implementation and help you understand changes and facilitate training.
  • Whether through acquisitions, IT reorganization, or evolutions of tool choice, every PLM customer at some point finds themselves contemplating the merging of PLM systems and data. PointPLM’s team has engineered some of the largest Agile PLM system mergers, ensuring accuracy and traceability. Validated environments are especially challenging as historical data is typically required for future audits.
  • PointPLM has a proven methodology for mapping multiple data streams into a common data model and migrating the corresponding data.
  • Quality organizations can be comfortable that data merge processes are repeatable, change management organizations can be assured that data is preserved and changes are tracked, and engineers can immediately leverage expended product data records to facilitate new product development.
  • Common PC Module migration for both data and file.
  • Latest Rev or Rev History (including BOM/Attachments)
  • PointPLM's team has performed large data migrations for Agile customers of every size and industry. With an extensive array of tools and development skill sets, we can custom tailor a data transformation and migration strategy for any customer whether they are implementing PLM for the first time, migrating from a legacy PLM solution, or simply looking to augment their existing data set. PointPLM is dedicated to developing efficient, repeatable processes to ensure successful migrations with minimal risk.

PointPLM leads the way in Agile PLM development. Our team has delivered some of the most complex add-on's deployed in Agile environments today. Process extensions, events, external SDK utilities, and web applications are all possible. Equally important: PointPLM's developers understand the limitations and performance considerations for companies considering customizations. We can help you convert your business requirements into a maintainable, supportable customization that increases productivity, enables users, and ensures data integrity within your PLM system. Bring us your wish list today and challenge us to show you how add-ons can really enhance your Agile investment.

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